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National Bank of Kenya- Training in Nairobi 8th -10th September 2014

Awal Consulting in partnership with the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) conducted a 3 day intensive training and capacity building session for 150 staff members on Islamic finance.

National Bank of Kenya- Training in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 15th -19thSeptember 2014

Awal and IRTI through their reverse linkage program conducted a 5 day intensive training for the Board of Directors and the Shariah Board of NBK in Malaysia, so as to have a holistic approach to Islamic finance for decision makers in the industry.

Seminar Islamic Finance and Banking – Uganda, April 27th and 28th 2013

Rahma Hersi Managing Partner at Awal Consulting Limited shared the Kenya experience of Islamic finance at the First Seminar on Islamic Finance and Banking in Uganda.

Capital Markets Authority Kenya – Round Table in Nairobi, 9th-10th December 2014

Awal Consulting Limited together with the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya with the support of IRTI planned and hosted the first Strategic Roundtable Session on the Development of the Islamic Capital Markets of Kenya in December 2014.

Awal Consulting Limited- Company Launch in Nairobi 10th December 2014

ACL official company launch was held at the Tribe hotel, in Nairobi, that was attended by top business people, senior banking professionals, government, and media personalities.

Oxfam GB- Kenya

Oxfam GB an international organization together with her local partners ALDEF and WASDA set out to understand the low uptake of financial services in Muslim majority counties and develop solutions to combat this. Awal was commissioned to assist in this regard.

Ethiopia –Mercy Corps

Awal Consulting was commissioned to work with Microfinance institutions interested in offering Interest Free Banking products and conducting and training and capacity building in this regard.

IRTI Recipient of Best Research Institute at the Global Islamic Finance Awards – GIFA 2014

The Islamic Research and Training Institute received the Award for Best Research Institute 2014 at the Global Islamic Finance Awards held in Dubai on October 27th 2014.